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The #1 Patio & Driveway Resurfacing service in Beaumont Texas!

Is that Patio or Driveway looking less than desirable these days? Save yourself the cost of having to tear that old concrete out & replace, and learn more about how our Concrete Resurfacing Services can completely transform those old concrete surfaces


What is a patio or driveway resurfacing?

Resurfacing old concrete with fresh concrete may be accomplished through the use of concrete resurfacing. Over the existing surface, a concrete coating is placed, allowing for a multitude of color, texture, and pattern combinations. Driveways, patios, pool decks, and even inside floors can benefit from stylish refinishing.


The Floors-U-Adore difference

Our job is streghten the substrate, increasing slip resistance and heat resistance, and creating a personal space that is completely customizable & engineered to last a lifetime.

Top-notch craftmanship

High quality materials 

Neat installation

Professional team of workers 

Post-installation detailing 

Floors-U-Adore is full of options!


When it's nice out, everyone wants to hang out on the patio. In other words, create a masterpiece that is both picture-perfect and nonslip! Floors-U-Adore gives customers a wide range of design possibilities. There are several colors, textures, and brickwork effects to select from.

Decorative concrete overlays can be applied to surrounding walls, fire pits, countertops, and fireplace surrounds to create a unified effect. With SO many design & color options available, the best way to get started is by scheduling a FREE design consultation to determine the look & finish that will perfectly accentuate your home. 

Why Floors-U-Adore?

Floors-u-Adore not only resurfaces but also repairs concrete. We can fix the cracks (or any other damage) and refinish the surface such that you won't be able to know the damage was ever there. We'll also look into the damage to see if there's a way to avoid it from happening again.

Patio/Driveway resurfacing cost:

If your current surface is in poor condition, the cost of your job will increase. With so many design options, the price per square foot can be quite variable. For example, grinding, staining, and sealing a standard concrete slab will be less expensive than creating a customized one. A member of our installation staff will walk you through the process and assist you pick EXACTLY what appearance and finish you like. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible for a complimentary design consultation!


Here's how we do it!

Surface Prep: Concrete can be permeable by etching, grinding, scarifying or shot blasting. We utilize diamond tooling to achieve the appropriate CSP ( Concrete Surface Profile ) for the slab before installing your new flooring system. We make reparations to any cracks by chasing them out with a diamond blade & filling with a specialized joint filler before being ground flush with the concrete. Large areas of spalling, tack strip holes, etc. may require an overlay to provide a fresh surface to work with after patch work is complete.


It's time to clean up: We use a self-contained hard-surface pressure washing machine (TURBO-HYBRID TH40) to thoroughly clean the surface of the concrete, and remove any possible contaminants that could negatively impact the coating process. We then acid etch & neutralize the substrate to ensure the STRONGEST chemical & mechanical bond possible! After grinding, cleaning, and acid washing we have achieved MAXIMUM porosity for the concrete subfloor. Now it's ready for coating or staining.


Prepping the materials: Preparing the product for an application requires mixing according to the manufacturer's directions. If required or specified we then add color. 

Adding Patterns & Texture: Hand trowels, rakes, stamps, and other specialized equipment are used to masterfully create your custom design. Many designs & concrete coating systems call for multiple layers, usually a prime coat, followed by a body coat & protected with a top coat. Some cementitious overlay systems call for two or more cementitious overlays to create the desired effect. All these factors are considered and discussed in detail with the client to achieve the PERFECT floor, everytime. We can realistically mimic stones of all types, fashion brick patterning & artistic borders, or create a subtle yet modern look that has a clean, fresh feel. Whatever it is you desire, Floors-u-Adore can make it a reality!


Then, cure & seal it: After the overlay hardens, we coat it with a sealant for further protection. Every top-coat isn't created equally! We provide superior, high-performance coatings that CAN'T be found at hardware stores. We use industrial strentgh sealers that last over time & require little-to-no maintenace. Options available for SATIN or GLOSS finishes. Every time a customer asks us if they need to seal their outside concrete, we tell them that they absolutely need to. Your concrete surface will appear better for longer if you use a sealant. Stain resistance and ease of maintenance are also improved as a result of this treatment.

Note: Concrete resurfacing is not an easy task. This is a job that can be done by our expert contractors.

We let our reviews speak for ourselves!

I’ve used floors I adore several times now. They are always prompt, courteous and reliable!

We were VERY pleased with the services of Floors-U-Adore today!!

Hip Hop Girl

Did a wonderful job!

  • Is it worthwhile to pay for professional carpet cleaning services?
    Hiring a team of experts to clean your carpets is well worth the money. There are numerous benefits to hiring a carpet cleaning, even more if they offer budget friendly costs! They will do a better job at cleaning your carpet than you could. They will extend the life of your carpet, saving you money on carpet replacement. On floors-U-adore we offer every client this same solutions and more, incorporating and assuring every carpet and cleaning we do is at the level we serivce every home in Beaumont Texas!
  • Is it true that after cleaning, carpets are more susceptible to getting dirty?"
    Some carpet cleaners combine the detergent with the cleaning solution they're using to cut down on time. After the washing process, the carpet will have a lot of detergents left on it. In floors-U-adore we make sure every inch of your carpets is dried and cleaned properly. We use the right machinery and equipment so that there are no residue which causes your carpets to become more dirty.
  • How often should I get my carpet professionally cleaned?
    We recommend cleaning your carpets a minimum of once every twelve to sixteen months. Of course this mostly depends on how much use they have on a daily basis, maybe you are renting a place, no worries. We are here to help and clean your carpets regulralry and on every occasion you see fit!
  • How long will my clean carpets last?
    In the case of a regular carpet cleaning service, your carpet may last a couple of months until you have to get it cleaned up again. For that floors-U-adore gives your carpets a green solution which rejuvanates their condition and helps your carpets last longer!

Are you ready to transform your home?!

For any questions or concerns about our services, please send us a message and get in touch with us!

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