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Decorative Concrete & Epoxy Floors

Custom Concrete Coatings, Stains & Sealers in Beaumont Texas

Our projects are tailored to fit your flooring needs & perfectly compliment your style!

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete, while being a strong & durable building material, is still susceptible to wear, spalling, and damage after exposure to the elements, time and everyday traffic.

Our concrete resurfacing services are a fraction of what it costs to tear out & replace. Plus, it can provide a major upgrade in appearance, durability, and slip resistance. With FLOORS-U-ADORE's dedicated professionals & top-notch workmanship, your deteriorating concrete surfaces will be transformed from unsightly eye-sores to a beautiful new floor that addresses your needs and perfectly compliments your style.      LEARN MORE


Garage Epoxy/Polyaspartic Coatings

Our Garage Epoxy Coatings take the protection of your concrete floors from scrapes & abrasions, heavy vehicular wear, and automotive fluids to a WHOLE new level!

Not only do our specialized concrete coatings extend the life of your garage floors, but they are also VERY stylish & easy to maintain!

We will begin by scheduling a complimentary design consultation to go over options, and determine the look and texture that will best suit you.       LEARN MORE

Concrete Resurfacing
Garage Epoxy

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Let's make that old pool deck a GORGEOUS, slip resistant & heat resistant addition to your home that you'll love for years to come!

Our pool deck resurfacing process can "SUPER" spruce up that lackluster pool deck without you having to tear out & remove the existing substrate. This means you save money AND get to enjoy your new pool deck faster! win-win.

Click the button below to schedule a design consultation:     LEARN MORE

pool deck coating.jpg
Pool Deck

Concrete Staining & Sealing

Stained Concrete Floors can give your home or business space an elegant look at an affordable price.

Before beginning the stain application process, a professional installation crew needs to assess the existing conditions of the slab to determine what kind of prep will be needed to ensure no contaminants such as: adhesives, sealers, oils, grease, thin-set/mortar, etc. are present that would compromise the process.

The first step is scheduling a FREE consultation to learn the overall look & needs of the customer, because at the end of the day - It's YOUR satisfaction that brings us OURS!   LEARN MORE

Concrete Staining & Sealing

Custom Metallic Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Coatings come in an array of colors, textures and finishes. We utilize diamond tooling to properly prepare the substrate for the best mechanical bond & remove any existing coatings, sealers, or contaminants, so that we begin your project with the strongest foundation possible.

Our Epoxy Pro's can help you choose the correct epoxy flooring system that will perform best for the floor's intended use:

  • Garage Epoxy Floors

  • Warehouse Epoxy Coatings

  • Showroom Epoxy Floors

  • Flake Broadcast Systems

  • Quartz/Silica Aggregate Epoxy Floors

  • Custom Epoxy Metallic Floors

Get in contact with one of our staff to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss options and determine the exact look and finish you're going for OR receive a quote.​    LEARN MORE

Custom Epoxy
decorative concrete - porch.JPG

Patio/Driveway Resurfacing

Is that Patio or Driveway looking less than desirable these days? Save yourself the cost of having to tear that old concrete out & replace, and learn more about how our Concrete Resurfacing Services can completely transform those old concrete surfaces; while simultaneously strengthening the substrate, increasing slip resistance and heat resistance, and creating a personal space that is completely customizable & engineered to last a lifetime.

With SO many design & color options available, the best way to get started is by scheduling a FREE design consultation to determine the look & finish that will perfectly accentuate your home. 

                                LEARN MORE

Patio Resurfacing

Tile and Grout Cleaning & Sealing

We offer THE BEST Tile and Grout cleaning in Beaumont, Tx, and not just because we use state-of-the-art equipment & industry leading processes, but because our TOP concern is customer satisfaction. To make sure we provide the absolute best Tile & Grout cleaning services to our customers we've required our techs be certified & trained by the IICRC - Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, attend industry events to network and learn from other industry leaders, and stay up-to-date on the newest chemistry and processes for achieving stunning results every time.

                             LEARN MORE

Tile Cleaning

Saltillo/Brick Cleaning & Sealing

Saltillo & Brick floors are a clay material, and one of the MOST porous types of flooring around. Due to it's porous nature, CLAY floors are sealed with some type of impregnating/penetrating sealer OR a topical sealer, water-based or solvent-based, and most times the clay will have BOTH types of sealants if the clay was professionally maintained.

These sealers are resistant to chemicals, so that you can clean your floors without removing the floor's protective coating. That means that over time, as they degrade and become embedded with soil and oil, they create an ugly patina over the stone that can't just be cleaned off, but will actually require professional removal, neutralization & reapplication.

These floor types require assessment to determine the price per sqft. Price is determined by existing conditions of the substrate, processes to be performed, and type of sealer/coatings that will need removal.           LEARN MORE


Natural Stone Cleaning, Polishing, & Sealing

Natural Stone Floors can really be beautiful additions to a home, but if they go neglected and ill-maintained for years they can lose their beautiful luster, become scratched & scuffed, and lose their protective layer as sealers degrade over time, making your stone floors more susceptible to staining, mold and mildew growth & moisture damage.

Floors-U-Adore has very experienced stone pro's that can assess & determine the exact course of action needed to restore those natural stone floors to their original beauty.

  • Natural Stone Cleaning/Sealing

  • Natural Stone Polishing

Receive a quote from one of our talented team members today! Give us a call or click the button below to fill out a quick form, and a pro will be with you as soon as possible!​       LEARN MORE

Natural Stone

Carpet Cleaning

Every carpet cleaner ISN'T created equally, and Floors-U-Adore proves that DAILY! We use all-green cleaning chemistry, are extremely knowledgeable about all stain/spot types and the best method of removal if possible, trained in urine damage & odor remediation, provide the quickest dry times around town, and have many glowing reviews and pictures that showcase our carpet cleaning talents.

If you're looking for the most knowledgeable, highly-trained carpet cleaning company in the Beaumont area, You found us! We focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY to make sure our customers receive the deepest, best looking clean possible!        LEARN MORE

Carpet Cleaning
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