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The #1 Saltillo & Brick Cleaning Company in Beaumont Texas!

No matter if you need a one-time cleaning before or after a special event, a floor stripping and waxing program, or regular cleaning services for your saltillo or brick floor. Our employees have been thoroughly vetted, are highly skilled, and are well-equipped to manage the unique requirements of your project.


What is Saltillo Cleaning & Sealing?

Porous grout accumulates dirt, filth, and liquid spills, turning the surface a dull hue. With our patented hot water extraction cleaning procedure, we remove dirt and grime from tile and grout, restoring your floors' lustre in the process.


The Floors-U-Adore difference

Saltillo & Brick floors are a clay material, and one of the MOST porous types of flooring around. Due to it's porous nature, CLAY floors are sealed with some type of impregnating/penetrating sealer OR a topical sealer, water-based or solvent-based, and most times the clay will have BOTH types of sealants if the clay was professionally maintained!

Top-notch craftmanship

High quality materials 

Neat installation

Professional team of workers 

Post-installation detailing 

Floors-U-Adore does it all!

Receive a quote from one of our talented team members today! Learn more about our services and give us a call or click the button below to fill out a quick form, and a pro will be with you as soon as possible!​

Pool decks



Walkways and Porches

Concrete Floors 

Commercial Concrete Coatings

Pool decks

pool deck coating.jpg

Safety, comfort, and aesthetics are always at the top of our clients' requirements when it comes to their saltillo floor pool deck. Floors-U-Adore excels in all three categories. 

A cleaning and Sealing done properly:

Customize the color, texture, pattern, and style of your outdoor environment with Floors-U-Adore. Your patio may be gorgeous, but your pathway is in poor condition. We can design and construct your pathway to match or complement your patio in any way possible to match your saltillo floor style!

Saltillo brick cleaning and sealing costs:

These floor types require assessment to determine the price per sqft. Price is determined by existing conditions of the substrate, processes to be performed, and type of sealer/coatings that will need removal.


Here's how we do it!

The first step involves an on-site assessment to deduce the type of sealer that will need removing. The most common are solvent-based acrylics, oil-modified resins, epoxy, and urethanes. Every once in a while, a saltillo floor will have nothing more than a water-based sealer. There’s a pretty significant difference in process depending on the sealer present. This article will cover removing the most common sealers.


We mask off any surrounding fixtures that could be potentially harmed during the stripping process. If there’s any possibility that the stripper may come into contact with something it shouldn’t, it’s covered and protected.


We section of smaller area of the floor to work with, and apply our solvent-based stripping solution. These strippers are more aggressive than floor strippers that can be found in local department stores, and require professional handling. Our technicians will make sure there’s adequate ventilation, and use of PPE safety gear. These strippers require the work be done by hand - you definitely don’t want a machine slinging this stuff around - and allows a very detailed stripping of the softer saltillo clay without risk of damage to the substrate.


After the floor has been hand-stripped, we acid wash the saltillo tiles with phosphoric acid to lighten & brighten the colors. This effectively removes lime build up, efflorescence, and hard water deposits.


The next step is to neutralize the clay tiles & thoroughly flush and extract, to leave the floors in a neutral ph state. We do this using the TURBO-HYBRID TH40. It’s a specialized hard-surface cleaning machine that flushes @ 1000 PSI & High-Temps while the cleaning action is recovered beneath a containment dome for mess-free cleaning. No worrying about our process creating a bigger mess!


Now we will allow the saltillo tiles to completely dry out, and begin the sealing process.


Finally, we start our sealing process with a penetrating sealer that soaks into the clay & protects it from the inside-out. We follow that protective sealant with an oil-modified resin that will offer protection against: Salt Spray, Temperature Extremes, Outdoor sun exposure, Mold & Mildew growth, And create a water, oil & grease repellent barrier that will prevent premature wear to the surface.

Note: Saltillo/Brick cleaning and sealing is not an easy task, and it is recommended to be done by professionals.

But what if I am looking to do the cleaning and staining myself?

Saltillo tiles are sealed to protect them from wear and tear. because they are extremely porous and susceptible to moisture damage and staining; However, this sealing can trap dirt and create an unsightly appearance over the course of time as dirt and soil become embedded in the sealer.

Typically, the first thing you need to do is remove the sealant by using a solvent stripping solution.

You should always be careful when using solvents, as some are harmful to humans. To ensure that you don't harm yourself or others, we recommend that you always follow the manufacturer's instructions and use proper safety equipment such as eye protection and gloves. Some solvents are hazardous to your health and the environment. Solvents should only be used in a well-ventilated area and should never be used near a fire, lit stove, or any other heat source.

Some people find it much easier to clean Saltillo tiles with a pressure washer if their surface is covered in dirt and grime. We recommend you NEVER try this method, because it can be very damaging to the soft, porous clay material that Saltillo consists of.

Pressure washing is one of the more dangerous methods of cleaning Saltillo tiles. The high pressure water can cause the surface to crack and lose its sealant. The dirt you're removing with the pressure washer will simply gather around the cracks and get trapped, making it even more difficult to clean.

We let our reviews speak for ourselves!


I’ve used floors I adore several times now. They are always prompt, courteous and reliable!

We were VERY pleased with the services of Floors-U-Adore today!!

Hip Hop Girl

Did a wonderful job!

  • Is it worthwhile to pay for professional carpet cleaning services?
    Hiring a team of experts to clean your carpets is well worth the money. There are numerous benefits to hiring a carpet cleaning, even more if they offer budget friendly costs! They will do a better job at cleaning your carpet than you could. They will extend the life of your carpet, saving you money on carpet replacement. On floors-U-adore we offer every client this same solutions and more, incorporating and assuring every carpet and cleaning we do is at the level we serivce every home in Beaumont Texas!
  • Is it true that after cleaning, carpets are more susceptible to getting dirty?"
    Some carpet cleaners combine the detergent with the cleaning solution they're using to cut down on time. After the washing process, the carpet will have a lot of detergents left on it. In floors-U-adore we make sure every inch of your carpets is dried and cleaned properly. We use the right machinery and equipment so that there are no residue which causes your carpets to become more dirty.
  • How often should I get my carpet professionally cleaned?
    We recommend cleaning your carpets a minimum of once every twelve to sixteen months. Of course this mostly depends on how much use they have on a daily basis, maybe you are renting a place, no worries. We are here to help and clean your carpets regulralry and on every occasion you see fit!
  • How long will my clean carpets last?
    In the case of a regular carpet cleaning service, your carpet may last a couple of months until you have to get it cleaned up again. For that floors-U-adore gives your carpets a green solution which rejuvanates their condition and helps your carpets last longer!

Are you ready to transform your home?!

For any questions or concerns about our services, please send us a message and get in touch with us!

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